Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jennifer Love-Hewitt Fancy Box February 2014

Looking a little battered and bruised, here it is!

Well as this is my first ever FancyBox and my first ever Jennifer Love-Hewitt Fancy Box I'm more than a little excited to get started and share with you what I received, so let's jump straight to it!

Inside I found 3 items along with cute little cards from Jennifer explaining why she picked the items.

365 Movie Icons Hardcover Book

$30 on fancy.com
$25.76 on amazon.com

Available in the UK?      Yes
Keep, Gift or Sell?          Keep!

This is the perfect coffee table book for our family, we love films and are always looking to discover new and old classics to watch. We will definitely get good use out of this.

Drifter Socks by Richer Poorer

$12 on fancy.com
$12 on richer-poorer.com

Available in the UK?       No
Keep, Gift or Sell?           Keep!

Well I would never normally spend $12 on a single pair of socks but these are a good fit, feel excellent quality and I like the colour and design. Pretty stylish as far as socks go. As instructed by Jennifer, I'm saving these for our next movie night!

Final Touch Yari Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne strainer

$ unlisted on fancy.com
$29.95 on barproducts.com

Available in the UK?      No
Keep, Gift or Sell?         KEEP!!

I absolutely love this. I'm a massive fan of cocktails and this handy pitcher is just the perfect size to mix up a small batch without needing a special occasion! I've never seen anything like this before and I hunted around and couldn't find any UK stockists of Final Touch products, which makes this an extra special item for me! It feels extremely well made and expensive, the glass has an etched design which as well as making it practical (non-slip) to hold, it looks very...well, fancy! I'm guessing it is also extremely sturdy as it survived the trip from the US with minimal packaging.

Overall Stats & Conclusion

Box Retail Price $56 shipped to the UK
Coupon Code Used: FOLLOWUP10
Actual Cost US $52.10
Fancy.com Value $72 (assuming $30 value for mixing pitcher)
Cheapest Online Value: $67.71
Number of Items not available in UK: 2/3
Hit or Miss?  Hit!

From Jennifer's comments on why she choose the products it seems this box has a movie night theme (right in time for the Oscars), which I love, and I'm extremely pleased with all the items I got. Having said that two little things are taking the edge off for me....

1. The US subscribers also got an extra item of some caramel popcorn. I'm guessing that for import reasons fancy can't ship food items internationally but I'm a bit miffed that they don't make this clear or offer a substitute item or store credit.

2. With or without the popcorn, the box value falls short of the advertised $80+ worth of products. Sure, I got more than I paid, but if you tell me I'm going to get $80 worth of stuff I'm going to be disappointed if I get less than $80 worth, right!  In the UK this would be an illegal trading practice (misleading advertising). I have no idea if the US has similar consumer protection.

I've fired an email off to the fancy people and depending on how they respond I will make a decision whether to keep my subscription. I'm otherwise really happy and think it's great value but I don't like that they don't delivery on their claims.

If you want to order your own Jennifer Love-Hewitt fancybox or any of the items featured, feel free to use my referral links:

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I'll be back....  

Due to the way the billing/subscription cycle works it is already too late to cancel my JLH Box #2, so I'll definitely receive the March Box, probably around 5th April. I expect my regular FancyBox to show up before then, around the middle of March.

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